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SharingDex Principle
The goal of SharingDex is to create a crypto-exchange for people. 
We had the idea to base it on the principle of wealth sharing. 
Half of the profits of the exchange will be donated in the form of Ethereum to the addresses of the Sharing Token Holders (SRG). 
For example: 
In month "X", the exchange will have made a profit equivalent to 2,000 ETH. 
SharingDex will therefore keep 50% in order to remunerate the developers and make the exchange progress (reinvestment, better equipment, etc...).  
The remaining 1000 ETH will be distributed according to the percentage held by the Holders. 
If a Holder owns 1% of the outstanding Sharing Tokens, he will receive: 
1%X1000 ETH = 10 ETH 
For 0.2%: 
0.2%X1000 ETH = 2ETH 
For 0.01%: 
0,01%X1000 ETH = 0,10 ETH 

We want to create a transparent exchange for our users, that's why we will publish the SharingDex accounts each month in table form. 
We hope that our idea of creating a crypto-exchange based on sharing seduces you, and that you will accompany us in this adventure!
SharingDex Token
          First Utility

The main utility of the Sharing Token, is the sharing
 of wealth. 
 Each month, 50% of the profits resulting from the exchange costs will be shared with the Token
Holders at their Ethereum addresses.         

              Second Utility

           The Sharing Token, by using it to honor
            trading fees, will allow you to benefit
            from a  more advantageous rate.

SharingDex is:
We have a fast trading engine, matching 1 million transactions per second. Users can flexibly choose from 5x to 100x leverage.

2 Factor Authentication (2FA), Cold Storage of Assets, Real-Time Risk Audit, Ability to Whitelist IP & Withdrawal Addresses and Funds Insurance.
Friendly and Concise User Interface. Users will can register an account in 30 seconds and trade with as little as 1.000 Satoshis.

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We are a team of French developers. 
Rather than creating links to fake Linkedin accounts, or pretend to have degrees in imaginary "Blockchain" specialization, we have chosen to explain our motives to you.
Steve Rotta - Founder

I have the ambitions to create SharingDex, so that there can be a crypto-exchange close to its users. 
I have had several bad experiences with exchanges such as recently Idax, or Coinbene last year with the blocking of many Coins/Tokens which caused a drop in their prices... 
Other exchanges are content to take advantage of their users with very high transaction fees, withdrawal fees, etc...  
In the end they are the big winners in the Cryptos universe ! 
This was the starting point of my motivation to create SharingDex in order to restore the balance between crypto-exchanges and users based on the principle of sharing.

Laurent Porta - Co-Founder 

Steve and I have been friends since childhood. 
We discovered Bitcoin at the same time in 2014 and have 
was fascinated by this technological evolution and its future potential ! 
We tried mining, then we had fun with trading and analysis.  
of price changes, we also participated in several ICOs. 
Steve was able to seduce me with his idea, reinforced by my observations on numerous exchanges. 
My role will be marketing, and doing everything to propel our exchange into the top 5! 

Sophie Benoît - Developer-

I knew Steve when we were studying in Paris. 
We've kept in touch since then and he told me about his project. 
I specialized in encryption and cyber security, that's why I joined this project. 
My goal is to provide you with a secure exchange where our users' funds will be truly  
safe and secure. 
It's a challenge for me, I'm very happy to be part of this team!
Anthony Lenendre - Developer

I became interested in crypto-currencies in 2015 by participating in the Ethereum project which had seduced me. 
I met Laurent Porta on Telegram during an ICO, we talked and kept in contact.
I wanted to be part of the SharingDex team, because for once, this is a project that is founded for the users, and not to make the most of it like the main exchanges are at the moment. 

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